Kitchen Helpers

Marmalade Chicken

We, Marmalade Chicken, are looking for some skilled kitchen helper joining us!


Job Info:

Ttile: Kitchen Helpers

Working hours: 8 hours/day and 40 hours/week

Terms of employment: Full-time, Permanent

Wage: $15.50/hour

Overtime rate: $23.25/hour

Vacation Benefit: 4% of paid vacation

Language: No specific language requirements

Working Location: 1480 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg MB R3T 2C3


Job requirements:


1.      Relevant experience in restaurant is an asset.

2.      Secondary school is an asset.


Job Duties:


1. In addition to cleaning and peeling vegetables and fruits, it also includes tasks such as cutting, slicing, and removing cores to meet the needs of chefs and kitchen staff.

2. To guarantee hygiene and food safety, clean workstations and cabinet surfaces, sweep the kitchen floor, and clean and disinfect kitchen equipment on a regular basis.

3. Receiving supplied food and other commodities and properly keeping them in refrigerators, cabinets, and other storage spaces in accordance with stipulated storage criteria to preserve the freshness and quality of ingredients.

4. Assisting with the preparation of food, the cleaning of cookware and equipment, and the organization of the kitchen to guarantee seamless kitchen operations.





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