Aquaculture Workers

Super Shell Enterprises Ltd.

Super Shell Enterprises Ltd. is inviting individuals with a passion to join our team as the next generation of Aquaculture Workers!

Work Location and Environment: Our work site is located at 2832 D’Angio Road, Powell River, British Columbia, V8A 0G3, Canada, and it is a commercial aquatic farm. The work environment is characterized by its outdoor and in/on-water activities, often exposing employees to wet/damp conditions. There may be odors associated with aquatic farming processes, and some areas of the workplace may be cold or refrigerated to maintain the quality of our products. In addition to this, we offer health benefits as part of our employment package to ensure our team’s well-being.


Key Tasks:

–        Record the daily progress of aquaculture, and promptly document and report any unusual situations.

–        Cleaning and maintaining filters, filter cartridges, nets, and other equipment and accessories.

–        Operating and monitoring the feeding system.

–        Using tools to transfer seafood to the processing area or the respective aquaculture zones.

–        Assisting technicians with hatching operations for fish fry and other juveniles.

–        Collecting, cleaning, grading, and weighing shellfish and algae from the aquaculture areas.

–        Sorting and air-drying seafood and storing them in designated containers.

–        Cleaning, sorting, and packaging shellfish.

* The above are primary responsibilities, including but not limited to.



–        Preferably complete secondary school.

–        Provision of on-the-job training.


 Wage: C$27.50/Hour

 Schedule: 30~40 Hours per week

Supplemental pay types: Overtime pay

 Job Type: Permanent (Full-time)

 Language: No specific requirements


To apply, please send your resume to

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