Product Manager


Hourly Wage: $46.00/hr (8hrs/day & 40 hrs/week)

Overtime: C$69.00/hour starting after 8 hours/day and 40 hours/week

Vacation Pay: 4% of gross pay

Working Location: 1824 Store St, Second Floor Suite, Victoria, BC V8T 4R4

Employment Type: Full-time Permanent

Language: English


Job Duties:

·         Develop and conceptualize the company’s website, ensuring a cohesive digital identity and collaborative framework, while also analyzing the digital requirements of online customers.

·         Contribute to vital company projects aimed at fostering future IT expansion and meeting enhanced capacity demands.

·         Establish an efficient online customer management system that scrutinizes customer behavior, identifying potential and key customers for targeted engagement.

·         Conduct the performance examination and functional review of products and ensure it meets the demand of clients.

·         Conduct pre-project market research, evaluating competing products and information system strategy, and analyzing potential market needs to inform strategic decision-making.

·         Provide training sessions for staff to proficiently navigate and utilize new web features and recently implemented systems.



·         A bachelor’s in computer science, computer systems engineering, software engineering, or a related field is required.

·         At lease one years of experience in the related field is required.

·         Excellent organizational and communication skills with the ability to multi-task in an environment with rapidly changing responsibilities and requirements.

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