Software Developer

  • Full Time
  • Burnaby

Fantuan Technology Ltd.

Fantuan Technology Ltd.  (Fantuan) in Burnaby BC is looking for a responsible Software Developer.

Fantuan Technology Ltd. is an Asian e-commerce platform mainly target metropolitan cities in Canada. Currently, Fnatuan Tech offers user-generated reviews and group coupon deals provided by local merchants or service providers in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto through its mobile app. Its content covers restaurants, beauty & fitness, health, entertainment, home and local services.


A bachelor’s degree  or above in computer science  is required
Over 5 year experience in software developing
Professional knowledge and experience of HTML5, CSS, JS
Professional knowledge and experience of jQuery, Booststrap, Vue, React or Angular.
Good team player
C$42.00 per hour
Working Hours:
40 hours working / week
Vacation Pay:
4% of gross salary
Terms of Employment:
Full-time, Permanent
Work Location:
300 – 9200 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby BC V5J 5J8
Job Duties:

·         Consult with our team members to define the objectives of the merchants stationed in our online platform in order to determine the applicable requirements.

·         Participate in creating, developing and maintaining the complete testing mechanism including stimulating test environment and conditions, designing test schemes and configuring specific test cases for different functional modules.

·         Verify the codes of specific actions for all the stationed merchants in order to ensure the user-friendly operational interface based on the specification.

·         Perform the stability testing, usability testing and security testing to identify any potential technical risks that would negatively affect the compatibility and sustainability of system functionality, the convenience of user experience, and the confidentiality of customer data on a regular basis.

·         Sort out the frequently asked questions and input the client data into our background database in order to establish and update the client docking operation manual for our stationed merchants.

·         Respond to the error message reported from the client-end of our merchants, and troubleshoot their online operation issues in time;

·         Monitor and track the operation of our merchant’s online order, delivery, review, settlement and statistical analysis systems to ensure they have all functions running smoothly under different circumstances.

·         Support our marketing team via providing quality after-sale service to our cooperative merchants through developing the assessment and maintenance procedures matching their online service systems.

·         Assist in upgrading our software to fix systematic bugs

·         Evaluate and test new features added to augment our online platform functionality.

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